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When You Need to Get Back to Business, Hire a Commercial Damage Repair and Restoration Team

6/6/2020 (Permalink)

Come In We're Open signage If you want your business to re-open fast and safe after a fire or other damage, be sure to call the specialists at SERVPRO of South & West Spokane.

From fires to storm damage, when big events like this shut down operations, running your business gets costly. Yet, you know you must provide your employees with a safe place to work. Your customers have the expectation of safety as well. For that reason, it is best to hire a commercial damage repair and restoration company to do all of the work for you.

Getting Back to Function Fast

One of the most important services our team can offer is helping you to handle the proper cleaning and damage repair so you can get your business up and running again. Doing so properly ensures you and your employees are not without work for long.

Ensuring They Are Safe

When you have storm or water damage, you also want to ensure the work is done properly to make certain your employees are safe from problems such as mold buildup. With proper cleaning and mold remediation, you can be sure the air quality is safe for your team to come back into and work in again. You also ensure they are not at risk for injuries from an unsafe place to work.

Protect Your Business with the Help of Our Professionals

When you have any level of storm or major event damage, let SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County handle the cleanup for you. Our team is licensed, experienced, and properly trained to handle any type of problem you have. Call us for immediate help.

Calling a Disaster Recovery Team After Storm Damage

6/6/2020 (Permalink)

Tree limb down on roof of home When storm damage hits and you need help fast, call SERVPRO of South & West Spokane 24/7 for immediate service.

When you have storm damage that has made your home impossible to live in, call a team of restoration specialists to help you recover your home. Disaster recovery services like this can do all of the work you need them to do. This may include any of the following services.

Extracting Water and Shoring Up Risks

Your disaster recovery team can help to stop the problem from worsening. This may mean extracting water from the home’s basement. It may also mean adding coverings to holes in the roof. The goal is to quickly make your home as safe as possible.

Determining the Level of Support You Need

The next step in the process is to provide a full assessment to determine the extensiveness of the problems from the storm damage. A full inspection, completed by a disaster recovery specialist, will address any of your concerns fully. Working with your insurance company is also possible.

Getting the Clean Up Going

Whether you need permits or just help removing the damaged materials from your home, the team does the work for you safely. This includes removing damaged materials, cleaning the home, applying necessary mold remediation as needed, and then working to rebuild your home’s damaged areas.

Expect Fast, Reliable Service from Our Team

When you call SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County, you get customized help restoring your home to a safe condition again. Let our team help you with all aspects of storm damage recovery. Call us 24-hours a day for immediate help.

Mold Damage Tips: What to Do When You Find Mold

6/6/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth next to a window Mold remediation is serious business. If it happens to you, call the professionals at SERVPRO South & West Spokane County.

Mold damage happens quickly and often without warning. When it does occur, it is critical to take quick action to get rid of it. This often means removing damaged material, using proper cleaning methods, and replacing damaged surfaces. You should not do it alone. Instead, let a team of professionals help with the process instead.

What Should You Do First?

After contacting a professional specializing in mold damage, follow their instructions about what to do. Most of the time, you will need to stay out of any affected area. You also should keep your HVAC system off to help prevent the spread of mold through the entire home.

What You Should Never Do

When you find mold damage, act quickly to manage it. Avoid disturbing the mold in any way. Do not blow any air across the surface of the mold or any area you suspect could be growing mold. It is also important not to spray anything on the mold, including disinfectants or bleach.

When you call a professional to handle mold damage, you get better results. You can count on the mold being removed properly and safely to ensure no risk to you or your family.

Get Immediate Help from an Experienced Team

Mold damage is worrisome. Do not let it remain in your home without proper treatment. Our team at SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County can provide immediate help. Call us today for a consultation.

3 Benefits to Hiring a Professional for Fire Damage

6/6/2020 (Permalink)

House with outside porch on fire FIre is physically and emotionally devastating. Pick the professionals at SERVPRO of South & West Spokane to help restore your home.

After a fire, working to restore your home can seem like a challenge. With the help of a professional, the work can be done efficiently to restore the home from fire damage. There are several benefits to turning to a team like this to get the work done.

#1: Emergency Service Is Available

The most important step is to get out of the home until the repairs are done. Since 24-hour service available, you do not have to worry about leaving your home even if it is the middle of the night.

#2: It Is Faster to Get Help and Repairs Started

Fire is also devastating emotionally. As you focus on restoring your sense of well being, the team can get to work for you. This means processing any claims with insurance companies sooner. It also means the time it takes for you to move back into your home will be shorter.

#3: A Trained Professional Is Working for You

Because you will have a fire restoration technician working on your fire damage repair, you know the work will be comprehensive and complete. You also know it will be safe for you to move back into your home after the work is done.

Expect Exceptional Service from Our Team

Hiring a licensed and experienced fire damage repair and restoration team is the best move you can make. At SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County, we can help you. Contact our professionals to learn more about how you can clean up after a fire quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage and Mold: When You Need More Help

6/6/2020 (Permalink)

When you have water damage in your home, acting quickly to manage it is very important. The first goal is to remove the water and ensure mold does not grow. For that to happen, though, you need to dry out surfaces quickly and ensure proper cleanliness along the way. Yet, even in these situations, mold is a risk. Hiring a professional mold remediation company can help you to reclaim your home.

When Do You Need More Detailed Cleaning?

The mold remediation process is a higher level and a more in-depth cleaning process for removing mold. It involves containing the mold as much as possible, using air filtration to pull out spores from the air, and then removing all mold and mold-infested materials properly and safely.

Because this is a complex situation, it is best left to those who have extensive training in water damage cleanup. Our team works closely with you to find all areas of potential mold so it can be safely contained and removed in the proper manner. Taking these extra steps is necessary when you want the best level of protection against mold and the health effects it creates.

Finding the Right Help Is Critical: We Can Help You

When you have any type of water damage, remember you do not need to handle the problem on your own. Our team at SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County can provide guidance on hold to handle water, mold, and remediation efforts. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.

Water Damage Management Tips: What to Do Fast

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage to flooring in hallway leading to family room Even a small amount of water can cause damage to your home. It's always best to call the professionals at SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County.

Whether it is a broken pipe or flooding from a storm, knowing what to do when you have water damage is critical. Your first question should always be whether or not it is safe to stay in your home. Electrical hazards may warrant leaving the home until the water is removed. You also want to ensure you are not doing anything that puts you at risk. Wet materials are heavy.

When You Have Flooding

If you have flooding and resulting water damage, your first goal will be to remove the water. This may be done through mopping it up, but when there is excessive standing water, other extraction methods are a better option. Any type of wet upholstery or fabric needs to be removed from the space, including cushions. You also want to remove any wood furniture to be properly cleaned.

Next, tackle the floors. Pull off any wet carpeting, rugs, or damaged laminates from the space. If you have hardwoods, tile, or other solid surfaces, you may not have to remove these as long as they remain in good condition. To find out what your best steps are, just work with a licensed professional like us. We have the training and the equipment to make your water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Do Not Wait to Call Our Licensed Professionals for Help

When you have water damage, the most important step to take is to call our team. At SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County, we can provide fast, even immediate help to you. Contact us 24-hours a day for immediate water restoration and cleanup services.

Overcoming Fire Damage: How Can You Get Beyond This Point?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen Fire damage can be devastating physically and emotionally. Working with a professional from SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County is the best option.

When you have fire damage to your home, you feel overwhelmed, sad, and scared about what the future holds. Having a professional help you to restore your home can give you some focus on the future. There are several things to know about this type of help.

Learn What Can Be Saved

When you hire a professional to handle the restoration work, they will ensure anything that can be saved is. Often, items with fire damage, as well as those items damaged by water or smoke, must be thrown out. A professional can help you to determine if something can be cleaned and kept.

Get Insurance Support

Often, after a fire, you can get help from your insurance company. Licensed fire specialists are available to work with you and your insurance company to ensure the process of getting compensation is done well. They can also help you to know what your options are for replacing what is damaged.

Get Support at Your Most Vulnerable Time

With the help of a highly trained fire restoration technician, you will feel more confident moving forward. These pros do the best job to ensure your home is restored to the level it was.

Secure the Support You Need to Get Started

At SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County, we understand fire damage is devastating. It can be hard to overcome what you are facing, but we can help you to get the process started. Call us, 24-hours a day, for immediate help.

Restoring Your Home After Storm Damage

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Fallen tree on top of roof When storm damage happens you need help from the professionals at SERVPRO South & West Spokane County.

Damage to your roof, flooding in your basement, and fallen trees over cars or  backyard structures are just a few of the ways storm damage could be impacting your life right now. When you are facing intense repairs like this, it is best to leave your home and call a team like SERVPRO in to provide you with fast, reliable help. What needs to be done?

Securing Your Home Immediately

When there is significant structural damage that puts your home at risk, the first step in storm damage restoration is to stop the problem from worsening. This may mean tarping the roof until repairs can happen. It may mean stopping the water from flowing into the home if possible.

Removing the Damage

The next step is to remove all of the damaged material. This should be done by a professional to ensure you are not putting yourself at risk. Wet material can be heavy and dangerous to move on your own. Once all material is removed, the drying process is necessary. Specialized equipment is required for fast and complete drying.

Restoring the Structure

Once this work is done, your team will work to make necessary repairs, including repairing flooring, drywall, painting, and cleanup as needed. The steps taken all depend on the type and amount of work you need to repair. A customized plan will address every one of your areas of concern.

Work with a Team You Can Trust

When it comes to storm damage, having a team of professionals you can trust is everything. At SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County we are ready to help you with storm damage anytime 24-hours a day. Just call us. We’ll be there.

Commercial Services After a Storm or Major Event

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

When your business needs help such as after a fire, storm, or other major events, let our team help you. We can help to restore your property to its proper condition.

Commercial Water Damage Repair

If you have water damage at your business property, our team is dedicated to handling the problem properly. Water extraction and drying out the space is critical to minimizing the risk of mold development. Our team handles the cleaning out of debris as well as the rebuilding of surfaces as needed. We work to protect your belongings whenever possible.

Fire Restoration Work

If you have had a fire, the problems may be a bit more extensive. Smoke and water damage combine to create a highly dangerous space. Our team can help you with damage repair and restoration in any of these situations. Customized attention to unique needs is always our priority.

Mold Remediation Services

In cases where mold development risks are high, you may benefit from our comprehensive commercial mold remediation services. This can help minimize the risk of mold development that could health issues to your employees or your customers.

Expect Exceptional Service When You Call Our Team

If your commercial building is at risk, now is the time to call SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County. Let our professionals go to work for you, cleaning up and restoring the safety of your property. Call us for immediate, same-day help.

What Is the Mold Damage Restoration Process?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Mold behind bathroom vanity Mold damage can be hidden. Sometimes it takes a professional to locate the mold and perform remediation.

The process of managing mold damage is not always simple and straightforward. There are multiple steps necessary to ensure mold is properly cleaned up and removed from surfaces and your home in general. We do it for you and give you the confidence that it is done right.

Determining Where the Mold Is

The first step is for a mold damage assessment to be completed. Our professional mold damage restoration team will handle this for you. The goal is to detect mold using technology to pinpoint areas of concern.

Containment and Filtration

Mold containment is a multi-step process itself. The goal is to prevent it from spreading. The use of negative air chambers to isolate the contaminated area will help. We also use air filtration methods to help capture even the microscopic mold spores from the air.

Removing the Mold

Restoration continues when we properly remove the mold and all materials damaged by the mold. We then provide proper cleaning of the contents of the area and your belongings. After this, any restoration work begins to put your home back together and restore it to its proper condition. That is a critical step in getting mold damage under control.

Invest in a Professional to Help You Get Rid of Mold

Mold damage in a home is a significant problem requiring fast, accurate attention. At SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County, our team will work closely with you to get rid of the problem for good. Call us for immediate help.